/CBLPro Success Stories #1: Malay Mehrotra

CBLPro Success Stories #1: Malay Mehrotra

Malay Mehrotra is the Content Manager at CBLPro. He is a Content Marketing professional relatively new to the eLearning industry, as well as CBLPro, but one who grasped the reins quickly at CBLPro, steering its content marketing strategy towards success. Malay started out in the News/Media industry, where he learnt that creating good content means that you have be a generalist, a jack of all trades. Soon, Malay dove straight into what he loved the most, creating all types of content for various industries at a Digital Marketing Agency, where he got a hang of what each industry requires in terms of content, as well as gleaned deep knowledge about the intricacies of publishing content on the web, including various social media platforms.

Malay had always been passionate about learning, and that how it’s a life-long journey for everybody. It was this passion that drew him to CBLPro, where he was fascinated by this industry which he was an alien to (his words) until now. Thorough research and application in creating eLearning content for marketing as well as for eLearning (Malay is an instructional designer for CBLPro as well) has led him to be an authority on eLearning, having published a vast amount of eLearning web content on a number of reputed eLearning portals. In this article, Malay shares his experiences and growth during his time at CBLPro.

Q1. How would you describe your experience at CBLPro?

Well, “edifying” would be the right word, as I got acquainted to the future of learning, and amazing how I had no clue about something so important before I came here. There are many (like me) who can stand to benefit from eLearning, and making them aware of it is an ennobling experience. I’ve grown a lot professionally as well as personally in my time at CBLPro.

Q2. What is the biggest challenge you faced at CBLPro?

Creating content that lands up on the first page of search engines is the biggest challenge there is, which so happens to be my job. Content marketing is something that moves at break-neck speed, and everyday there are newer techniques to stay relevant, most of which involve spending filthy amounts of money. Making sure that my company doesn’t have to do that is an everyday challenge.

Q3. Who would you consider your role model?

Well, singling out one person who inspires me the most would be a little difficult. I’m inspired by a lot of people, as there is no lack of inspirational personages in our past or our present. Stephen Hawking was someone I admire and revere a lot, Elon Musk is another such modern personage. JRD Tata and Jawaharlal Nehru are two more such personalities I hold in high regard. In general, anyone who fights for their dreams against all odds is my role model.

Q4. What do you like to do in your free time?

Everything! I read voraciously and at any time am reading 3-4 books simultaneously or reading articles on various topics on the internet, I’m somewhat of a health-nut so you’ll find me at the gym in the evenings, I love food and love to explore various cuisines and I’m an ardent traveler, so I either travel solo or with my friends whenever I get the time. I used to play the guitar, but presently am unable to find time for it.

Q5. And finally, what advice would you like to give to people who like learning?

First of all, I’d like to say – great going! They’ve found something they can do all their lives, and something which will never cease to give them joy. Secondly, I’d advise them never to let this zeal for learning die. As someone famous once said, “the day you stop learning is the day you stop growing”, and I believe there cannot be a truer purpose for us humans than the pursuit of knowledge.

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