/How Cloud-Based Authoring Can Help Organizations Cut Costs

How Cloud-Based Authoring Can Help Organizations Cut Costs

Cloud-based technology is getting quite popular in corporate organizations these days, and for good reason. In addition to providing a secure space that doesn’t need physical servers, cloud-based technology saves organizations a lot of money and time. Our case in point is cloud-based authoring tools which help organizations create amazing eLearning and mLearning courses for the learning and development needs of their employees. Organizations are getting serious about employee development, as they’ve understood how learning and development (L&D) is going to be a deciding factor in an organization’s success in the coming years. However, the only thing that makes organizations hesitate in investing good money in eLearning technology are the so-called high costs, and the notion that it requires the expenditure of a lot of time. This article will help organizations shed their inhibitions, and highlight points explaining how cloud-based authoring can help organizations cut costs and save money while also saving time spent on their L&D programs.


  1. Offers eLearning Designers The Ultimate Flexibility

Most organizations are all for offering their employees/learners the flexibility to access eLearning courses from anywhere and anytime using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, but what about the designers? When using software-based authoring tools, designers have to stay chained to their desks while designing courses, but with cloud-based authoring, they can design, develop and update digital learning courses wherever and whenever they want. All they need is an internet connection. This allows them to work outside the confines of their office hours, which saves time, and thus money. It also helps a lot when designers are time-crunched to deliver eLearning courses.


  1. Allows Designers To Work Simultaneously

When using a software-based authoring tool, eLearning design and development teams work in a step-by-step hierarchy, with the work-in-progress passing linearly from one eLearning professional to the next until it finally gets completed. This takes a lot of unnecessary time which could be used in further endeavors. But, with cloud-based authoring tools, all eLearning professionals in a team can work simultaneously on the eLearning project at the same time, which eliminates the need for unnecessary meetings and revision cycles as well as the inevitable confusion over the most recent version. This speeds up the eLearning project saving valuable time and thus money.


  1. Eliminates The Confines Of Geography

A lot of organizations these days are multinational, with employees spread across vast geographical locations. This can challenge efficiency and collaboration if the eLearning team too is spread around the world. However, as mentioned above, because cloud-based authoring ensures that all the members of the eLearning team are connected and can work simultaneously, it eliminates any geographical barrier, thus simplifying collaboration. This makes the organization much more efficient which saves time and money.


  1. Requires No Maintenance

The software and hardware used in authoring tools is usually complex. It requires long installations, several IT permissions as well as large downloads. All this require maintenance and expenditure of time. Because cloud-based authoring tools are on-demand, because there is no expensive hardware of software involved. Thus an organization’s eLearning team doesn’t need to constantly update, maintain and secure it. This saves time which can be spent on other endeavors and thus saves money.


  1. It Is Fast!

The best thing about cloud-based authoring tools that they allow an organization’s eLearning teams to deploy and deliver eLearning courses to the learners at a commendable speed. Thanks to cloud-based authoring tools, eLearning teams can design and deliver eLearning courses to an organization’s learner within mere hours! eLearning that is created on desktop-based authoring tools requires at least a day to be designed and developed. The amount of time saved is outstanding, and so is the money saved through fast, efficient design and delivery.


Cloud-based learning is one of those eLearning technologies that has already been hailed by L&D experts to a game-changer, and a technology that is here to stay. Organizations looking to implement fast and effective eLearning at lower costs would be wise to look into this option and implement it with proper planning and thought. A little investment of time and money into implementation could result in your organization saving a lot of both. You’ll be surprised at how quickly things will fall into place and get near automatic.