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CBLPRO is the first educational content based solution company which has dramatically changed the learning methodology for various organizations. We are powered by lot of multimedia services which anyhow roadmaps the organization to deliver the enriched eLearning content. We are the market leader in this domain from many years providing the valuable insights to the real challenges.



If we know the best activity over the web then it is undoubtedly learning. Now days, 60-70% people globally access internet for self-paced learning. It is also believed to the best medium of learning as it do not for ask any physical tutor. So, it is very cost effective. Web Based Training includes content, images and embedded animations along with concepts over web. Now days, Web based training is populated among the K12, universities and corporate sectors as they are interactive and beneficial.
CBLPro includes animations, test, quiz, simulation based Demo and multimedia content for efficient and effective learning. Along with this we are capable of developing and MOODLE and SCORM and various other learning management systems or tools within the web.

To assure the quality, we equip and supervise the content from the Subject Matter Experts and then publish it on the web.
CBLPro stand’s out to be in the top account of delivering WBT’s. We at CBLPro delivers WBT for all as we better understand the education domain.

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In today's scenario, skill development is essentially required. And CBLPro believes that to build and offer the essentials skills, educational or training institutes should come up with quality oriented materials and trainers. To show the road map to the educational or training institutes, CBLPro facilitates subject content for Instructors/trainers in the form of presentation slides, manuals and guides. The manuals and guides explains all the prerequisites, examples and practical scenarios which would help the Instructor/trainer to deliver a particular concept in a proper way so that the learner can retain all the important points for a longer period of time.

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Blended Learning

To make learning effective, our team develops blended learning services which incorporate both the ILT and WBT usages. These kinds of services are top in demand as they explore the knowledge from all angles and gives accessibility to larger extent.

Our blended learning solution is accepted by all the organizations as they meet the standard of education. Regardless of the organization, anyone can opt to us.

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Custom E-learning

CBLPro delivers custom eLearning services which anyhow fulfils the requirements of the enriching development tool along with interactive and impactful content. The courses are equipped with interactive presentations, simulations, animations and flash programs to simplify the complex concepts. Our in-house team is capable of team is capable of innovating wide range of custom learning contents to revolutionize the learning process and simultaneously pampering the customer.

So if you want to develop custom learning courses as per the needs, then CBLPro is the best place as we have been very familiar with such domain.

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Mobile Learning

The present era is of consumerism and pervasiveness where the end users are hungry for information at minimal cost. So, considering this in account, CBLPro offers mobile compatible eLearning services in a reliable manner. We believe 60-70% people now days carry their mobile phones or smartphones either in work place, classrooms or in a trip with friends, therefore, learning is now no more at distant. With the minimum internet speed and accessibility, anyone anytime can use the smartphones for pleasure learning. To do so we equip HTML5, CSS3, responsive designing and many other technologies for easy learning. No matter which platform your mobile is of: Android, Windows or iOS, we deliver for all.

CBLPro m-learning team has made all things possible by embedding animation, videos and audio along with text content.

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Game based Learning

People of all ages love to play game. So, keeping this in mind, CBLPro has come up with game based learning ideas where anyone can have the entertainment along with learning.

We at CBLPro no more believes in the traditional approach of learning rather we and our team boost different types of learning such as Game based learning.

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Lots of R&D work happens all around but most of the people stay unaware of it. To make it reach to everyone, it needs to be published. So, CBLPro is the best medium to offer the platform and expose the research by publishing it in various portals. Regardless of the work, we help the authors to publish it both in paper and e-media. We also offer a lot of flexibility to the author by charging the minimal coast with his/her priorities.

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Layout Design

Layout design for websites, textbooks and for other stuffs need creativity. CBLPro is such a platform where you can find lot of creative people experimenting in their fields. Which indeed were unique and new. Nevertheless, we are the best because our experience, skills and dedication boosts our confidence to deliver the project on time. For layout designing, we have a skilled team who use different tools to make the things real. So, if you are looking for any kind of assistance, feel free to drop a simple mail at info@cblpro.com.

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Text Book & Assessment

Imagining education without book is really impractical!! We at CBLPro, one of the leading eLearning companies stand on the forefront in terms of designing, developing and publishing text books and assessments. Our text books and assessments has the ability to transform the educators and education all around as we equip the best people to do the work.

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CBLPro is the best place for publishing editorials. For us Content is King.So, we treat the content as the crucial entity for the projects like, WBT, CBT, Publishing or Assessment, etc.

To present the content effective manner we need editorial services so that there should be 100% accuracy in terms of grammar and technicality. Thus, the editorial service is required and we provide such services for all types of project. Moreover, we don’t deliver any product without editorial and proof reading round. For editing the projects we have at team of expertise people who understands the needs of the customers and the learners too.

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Traditional ways of using physical things like books, notes is out dated and has been trailed or left behind.
Therefore, to make and promote go-digital call, CBLPro encourages each single piece of information to be presented and accessed with the means of digital gadgets.We have plenty of gadgets like, Laptops, Smartphone’s, ipod’s and many more around us which are used in colleges, workstations, labs etc.

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Content Writing


The better the clients know, the higher would be the productivity and business growth. Retention over the customers regarding the services hardly stays due to large competition in the market. And to make impact, an organization should publish and release content in a frequent manner over Social Medias and other articles platforms.

 Advantages It drives a lot of traffic and visitors to the website.
 It drive lot of traffic and visitors to the website
 It helps to compete and position your brand
 It creates opportunities for customers to know about the industry.

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These quality written content chunks in the form of blog help the organization to reach nearby customers in no cost. Regularly publishing the blogs helps the organization to interact with customers as it allows commenting and sharing their views with others.
More than 40% organization publishes blog as a marketing strategy. But to make a blog successful it needs familiarity with search engine optimization.
CBLPro is a better platform with more than 10+ years of experience in the SEO domain; writing blogs, publishing it in different blogs sites. We know exactly what to put over the blogs s to drive the visitor’s attention.

 Effective than any other marketing strategy
 Reduces the cost of print media
 Builds up SERP rank and Alexa rank
 Provides information about the services/products

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Web Content

Every business requires a good level of web content writing to deliver the services to their specific target audience. The aim for writing good and lucid web content is to promote the service, provide additional information and to engage the customer's attention. Nowadays web content has become a marketing strategy for organizations to endorse and sell the products in effective piece of manner. The small piece of information can either be informational or promotional about the services or products. So to gear up the numbers of visitors for a website, CBLPro offers the web content writing which carries the potential to provide the complex information in to simpler manner and empower the business over the website. CBLPro plays an important role in providing the shortest route of success for various organizations by writing the content and converting it to leads.

 It is the cost effective way to promote the business online
 Engage the customers easily
 Generates leads for a business
 Increases the rank over the Search Engine Result Page

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