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CBLPro is specialist in delivering elearning solutions by offering custom development, high degree of customization of open source platforms like MOODLE, SCORM or by minor customization in deploying open source platform within the website.
The LMS solutions that we provide are learner centric so that it can be ease of learners and administrators.

As per us, our development team has three aspects:

  • Understanding the requirements of the project
  • Objectives to be achieved
  • Delivery model

We crystalize all those three things in the work as the pre-requisites to make the training and learning session to be effective and efficient.

Assessment Services

Exam ensures the ability and in-depth knowledge of the individuals. Regardless of the organization, today all encourage the use of online assessment such as educational institutes like k-12 and corporates. CBLPro design and develop such assessment services for different type of organization. We design question for various vendors' exams and in fact we are partnered with most of the reputed clients. To see some sample of assessment services, contact us at info@cblpro.com

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